Posted: January 8, 2011 in Christian Living, General Life
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It’s a new year and I’m trying to get back on track with life. I know my dedication waned over the past couple of months, and my shell is starting to crack a little. The problem is, I tend to bullishly trudge forward in life with the things that need my attention. I have a handful of things that take a lot of my attention, such as work, ministry, girlfriend… and I push forward with a sense of duty and expectancy.

I sometimes let other important things fall away as my tunnel-vision focuses in on the job at hand. I forget to actually take care of myself, and my effectiveness plummets in return. I let my stress level rise, while my resting time diminishes. The idea of a teapot comes to mind. I sit on the burner, maximizing pressure as I maximize effectiveness. Eventually things get to the point where I have to blow off steam before I explode, but do I ever move off the burner? No way, there are things to do. I can’t take a break. Someone ordered tea and they’re going to get it. Even if it destroys me.

The problem is that I just keep the fire turned on high, and the pressure up. I know I need to turn things down for a while so the pressure will die down. I need to be refilled so I can really be productive, but to remove myself from the fire, even for a while will cause me to lose productivity right now. I can think clear enough to know that I will run out of steam eventually, but people are waiting for their tea. I have a job to do.

Life is a series of decisions. Choices need to be made, and usually, something has to give. Do you feel the pressure? Do you take down time? Do you deal with time in a healthy manner?


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