SnoCamp 2011

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Ministry
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SnoCamp 20011 picture by Angel Crabtree

This past weekend was SnoCamp weekend! SnoCamp is our yearly high school youth retreat. I love this retreat. It’s a great way to bring students back into the fold, as well as build stronger relationships with the ones who attend group all year round. We even get new students at SnoCamp. But that’s just its numerical value.

The best part about Snocamp is watching these teenagers connect with God. We are blessed to have a very diverse group. We have students from all walks of life. Some come from very strong, supportive families, others from broken homes. Some are home-schooled, others in public school, some attend private Christian schools, and others go to career centers. We have jocks, preppies, skaters, and loners. The amazing thing, though, is that somehow everyone seems to love in spite of their differences. It’s amazing to see students help each other, listen to each other and respect different opinions. In a world so quick to argue and one-up everyone else, watching teenagers act with respect and caring is truly amazing.

The weekend is our flagship spiritual retreat, but with six lessons over three days, it’s hard to believe that the students will remember everything they’re taught. What they do remember is the relationships. Their relationships with each other, with the leaders and most importantly, with God.


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