I want!!!

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Christian Living
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Image: Michal Marcol / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I don’t always get the things that I want, but maybe that isn’t such a bad thing. Look at small children, and picture them asking for the things they want. They see something shiny or sweet on television, then they run over and beg, plead and bargain for this new thing that will make their life complete. If it was up to kids, they would eat sugar for breakfast, candy for lunch and cake for dinner. That isn’t healthy for them and we all know that. A reasonable parent would not allow their kid to eat like that. Not because the parent hates their kid, or wants their child to have a bad life, but for the exact opposite reasons. Parents who discipline their kids and make rules and guidelines do it so that the kid can grow up strong and good.

God does the same with us, and He should. When we want something, we come to him the same way. Begging, bargaining and pleading. If only we had that new job, that new house, that new car… if only I had a boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife… if only I had kids/grandkids… my life would be complete. How are we any different from small children? Our desires maturing does not correlate to our own maturation. We are still bratty kids wanting the new shiny thing. We just figure since we’re a little older, we have all the rights in the world to demand what we want.

It isn’t easy to hear our Dad say no when we ask for things we want. It never is. If we don’t get what we want, we should not necessarily blame God, as if He wants us to be annoyed. He doesn’t play games like that. He loves us and wants us to thrive. He really does want to give us good things.

What are your thoughts? Do you think God is unfair or maybe He knows what is best for us?


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