Preparing For Ministry

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Ministry
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Image: Arvind Balaraman /

Image: Arvind Balaraman /

Leviticus 9 tells an interesting tale.  In it, God instructs Moses and Aaron how to prepare for their new ministry.  The preparations are very ceremonial, with directions on how to sacrifice and even what to wear.  Moses and Aaron are given specific instructions and told how to prepare both themselves and the others around them for this new ministry.  I’m so glad we don’t have to go through these steps now, especially the sacrifices, but in this I see something that may be missing from our current ministries.


Ministry is a beautiful thing.  God allows us to partner with Him to share the Word with others.  I wonder how often we start new endeavors with a reverence like Moses and Aaron had when they started theirs.  I know that as time goes on, I spend less time preparing myself for ministry and more time thinking about the lesson plan itself.  I think I miss the significance sometimes.  In fact I know I do.  I think about the people God has placed in my care, and I pray for them.  I do think about the lesson plans and what God wants them to learn, but I really don’t spend time preparing myself for the ministry.  I know we don’t live in an era where sacrificing animals for God is appropriate, and I don’t want to think about ministry preparation in a legalistic way, but I think that there is a place for real reverence in our ministries.  In prayer and in just listening to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we can gain much strength for our ministries.  Those of us who are teachers have a job that comes with a lot of responsibility.  How are you handling that responsibility?


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