Posted: April 11, 2011 in General Life
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Taking the plunge

You can see the snow at the top of the picture. Where were you, inner voice???

I have a voice that tells me things.  Not in the way you’re probably thinking, but more an “inner voice” kind of thing.  I think we all have this voice.  Usually it is the voice of reason, like when I want to do something stupid, it’s the voice that tells me not to do it because it’s stupid.  Like most people, I believe that this inner voice is there to help save me from myself.  My inner voice is what protects me from bad decisions and keeps me from potentially unsafe activities and ideas.  This is the voice that keeps us (well, some of us) from taking crazy risks. Who knows how many times that voice kept me from jumping off a friend’s roof or seeing just how close I can get to that alligator in the pond behind my grandma’s house down in Florida.  (Where was that voice when I thought jumping into a frozen pond in the middle of the winter was a great idea?)

I am probably still alive because of that voice in my head.  A lot of you would agree that this voice of safety and sanity is a good thing.  But what happens when I want to step out of my comfort zone and try something different in my life?  What about when my inner voice is keeping me from attempting my dream?  What happens when my inner voice is stifling me, keeping me down?

I love to write.  I started this blog about a year ago.  I really just wanted to write and share my thoughts to anyone who would like to hear them.  As I have continued to write and post, I have started to really enjoy the process.  I still write for myself, even though there are some of you who do follow my posts fairly regularly.  I try to post more often than I used to, just because I need to keep writing.  I started to journal about a dozen times in my life, but I never stuck with it.  Now with this blog, I find that I have more motivation to keep writing.  I think it’s a good thing, and even though it hasn’t blown up or anything like that, I feel like I do connect with a few people out there who might think like I do.  That really helps me to keep writing. The strange thing is that this inner voice keeps telling me that I should stop wasting my time and do other things.  It doesn’t want me to try, to put myself out there, to risk anything.

What if I listened to this voice in my head?  What if we all did?  What if Mozart thought that his music wasn’t worth writing?  What if Michelangelo listened to the voice in his head that said his art wasn’t any good?  What if the Wright brothers listened to their inner voices that told them that flying was too dangerous?  What if?

I am not any of those people, and I honestly don’t want to be them.  I rather enjoy being me.  But I’m sure they all heard a voice inside of them that told them that their dream was not attainable.  I believe all of us struggle with stepping out into greatness.  We cannot all be time-honored musicians, painters, sculptors, writers, inventors… but we all have our dreams.  Our lives are generally filled with mediocrity, and most of us fall in line with what society tells us to do.  But inside of all of us is a great battle.  We are battling over ourselves, who we really are, who we are truly meant to be.  We can choose to listen to our inner voice, the one that tells us to sit down and shut up.  That is our choice. but it is just one choice.  We can also choose to step out into the world of the unknown and really attempt to do something great.  That, too, is our choice.

I choose to continue writing.  Even if I only get a handful of people to read what I write.  I love to do it, and I don’t want to let myself down.  I have to go to work, I have to pay bills; these things are necessities in life.  But what am I living for?  What is it that makes life exciting?  Am I willing to step out into the unknown and attempt my dream?


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